Endorsed by

Endorsed by

Masaaki Yoshikawa
Director General –
Osaka Innovation Hub
Osaka City Government

Director General, Osaka Innovation Hub, Osaka City Government; Business Consultant Registered with METI

He is the head of the Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH), which the Osaka City Government launched as a networking platform in the city for innovation; it has been holding more than 200 events, such as Hackathons and pitch contests, with over 12,000 participants annually, for gathering and connecting all the relevant resources in the city. OIH is spreading such innovation throughout the city as working beyond all boundaries such as position, title, organization, and nationalities to build an Innovation Ecosystem.

Especially in order to build a stronger Innovation Ecosystem by giving more diversity to the city, OIH is strongly promoting to connect with innovative communities in the world with the slogan “Connect Osaka to the World”.

He was appointed to the head position by open recruitment in 2013.Throughout his career he has been involved with new business development, including founding and managing several startups. Based on his experience, he believes that entrepreneurs are heroes or heroines who can help solve problems in society through business.

(Speech Abstract)

In his speech, he will talk about the following points:

  1. Mission is to build innovation ecosystem in the city.
  2. Vision is making our platform ( OIH) a networking infrastructure; in other word we are building “Market”, gathering, mingling, doing transaction among all relevant talents and resource for innovation by connecting people beyond all existing boundaries, such as position, title, organization and nationality.
  3. Conclusion is Networking infrastructure (Market) and Diversities in players in the market with open minded communication are a pair of wheel for Open Innovation.Open Innovation, equipped with this wheel, will move the city forward to prosperity.

(Speech Objective)

To share information and knowledge about the City of Osaka’s activities with the “Osaka Innovation Hub,” and to contribute to other cities fostering together a global network for innovation: To connect Osaka to the world in order to make Osaka more diverse, as we believe that diversity is essential to innovation.

(Challenges )

  • Building an “innovation ecosystem” or “platform” to continuously generate entrepreneurs and raise them to become successful, by connecting them with existing resources of Osaka such as universities, major companies, financial supporters, and most importantly, mentors.
  • Convincing conventional city policy makers, who have been focusing only on SMEs (a vertical policy), that building a networking platform (a horizontal policy) is indispensable to the City’s policy mix.

(“Osaka Innovation Hub”)

  • The Osaka Innovation Hub, aiming to become the city center of networking platforms, was opened in April 2013. The speech will mention how the OIH is trying to reach its goals.

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