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The Foundation for the Urban Environment (FFUE) is a permanent “charitable institution of public interest” authorized by Royal Decree of August 8th 1999 (Belgian Official Journal October 1st 1999) http://www.ffue.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/FFUE_StatutsComplets-2013.pdf

Its objective is to promote the urban environment through conferences and debates, publications and newsletters, occasional briefings and “think tank” activities (as opposed to commercial consultancy).

The FFUE focuses in particular on the interface and synergy between:

  1. Land use and planning, including cultural heritage conservation and improvement
  2. Transport and mobility
  3. Environment, at global and local level (global climate/energy/resources policies, local clean soil, water & air, recycling etc.).

Its board is composed of the President P. Laconte and members C. Lasserre, C. van den Hove, E. Gessler and B. Laconte. Its founding scientific advisors have been Nobel Prize Prof. Ilya Prigogine (who passed away in 2003), Prof. H. Bourdeau (ULB) and A. Berger (UCL). This group has been extended in 2016.


Since 1999 the FFUE sponsors regular lunch debates around its three objectives focusing on “City and Society” at the Brussels Cercle Royal Gaulois artistique et littéraire (some 150 lunch debates and 250 guest speakers in total). Minutes are available on www.ffue.org.

Since 2015 the FFUE has an agreement with the University Foundation (FU-US) on regular lunch debates focusing on “World of Cities”. Minutes are available on http://www.ffue.org/2016/04/a-world-of-cities-2016i-bilan-de-quatre-debats/ (year 2016) and http://www.ffue.org/2015/04/a-world-of-cities-brussels-02102015/ (year 2015).

From 2003, it has organised yearly conferences and events related to the application of its objectives to Belgian issues in Urban development, mobility and environment. These activities are reflected in most of its 11 book publications. For articles in peer-review journals and conference contributions.

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