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The “First Saudi Smart Cities Conference 2017” provides a great opportunity for youth to participate, use their creativity and interact in one of the largest conferences in the area of smart cities which will attract more than 700 participants and variety of expertise from all over the world. Thus, in this conference a path has been designated to present prizes for the innovators in the smart cities, under the patronage of Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, with the support and funding of Dar Al Riyadh Holding Company; the organizer of this conference. This creative path gives room for competition between all the creative youth groups under the age of 35 years from both genders according to certain regulations and under the supervision of technical evaluation committee. This document describes smart cities competition for Saudi Nationals and Residents from both genders residing in the Kingdom from all over the world.

  What is a Smart City?

The concept of smart cities revolves around the usage of information and telecommunication technologies to make cities smart, attractive and comfortable for the citizens and residents to accomplish many goals such as:

  • Finding smart solution for rural and environmental issues.
  • Managing cities with smart and effective way including infrastructures, transportation and environment.
  • Sustainability (service efficiency, consumption rationalization, energy solutions).
  • Improving the lifestyle in the cities.

Many countries in the world has accelerated their efforts to accomplish the integration of information and telecommunication with rural planning and municipal work through preparation and execution of strategies and working plans to transform into smart cities according to certain policies.

In the municipal transformation program 2020 framework, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affaires MOMRA released the initiative of “The application of Smart Cities Principles in Urban Planning” through which the concepts, components and criteria of the smart cities will be defined and then accordingly preparing an expanded field survey was carried out to reach a maturity model which indicate the readiness of Saudi cities for this transformation and to measure the stages that these cities require to achieve this smart transformation. This initiative aims to achieve a high level of sustainable urbanization in the Kingdom and to implement infrastructure projects, general smart and leading facilities, finding self-sufficient planning environment. In addition, increasing the satisfaction of population, life quality, enhance the competition between cities and sustainable urbanization, improving the efficiency of cities’ management, reducing the negative environmental impacts, attracting internal and external investment, availing job opportunities and improving the flourishing rates in the Saudi cities.

During the study and analysis of the international smart cities components and by considering the unique features of the Kingdom, determination of Saudi Smart City dimensions in nine main areas that all serve the human: transportation, sustainable urbanization, green building, safety and security, Hajj and Umrah, life quality, environment and resources management, economy and governance.

All the above mentioned is considered a summarized introduction about the smart city, the competitors are expected to do their role through deep research and to disclose with a detailed structure the best application and latest updates and to work hard in the field of knowledge and techniques of the smart cities as well as the needs of the Kingdom’s cities in order to be the best speakers about smart cities in general and smart Saudi smart cities in particular.

  About the Competition

From the National Transformation Program 2020 and the vision 2030 of the Kingdom in developing Saudi cities and in order to assure environmental sustainability that will achieve vibrant community with clean and sustainable environment and coinciding with the announcement of “Saudi Smart Cities First Conference 2017”, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in cooperation with Dar Al Riyadh Holding Co. Ltd (the organizer) announce a competitive contest under the name “How to Make your City Smart”. This contest aims to attract the creative youth ideas and their vision in the requirements of smart cities that they look forward to by propounding thoughts and solutions that contribute in developing Saudi cities to be sustained smart cities. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs believes that the most important factors of smart cities are the youth, hence, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs counts on the role of youth in building the present, the future and their effective role in the development and promotion of the Saudi cities.

This competition is held within the event of “Saudi Smart Cities First Conference” that will be from 16th to 18th May 2017 in Riyadh city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – InterContinental Hotel. The competition has three main aspects as illustrated in upcoming paragraphs. For each aspect of the competition, three contestants will be chosen to win prizes within the conference activities.

  Aspects of the Competition

The participant must choose one main aspect from the following list, and he/she has the right to enrich the main chosen aspect with what he/she sees from other aspects and by focusing on the main one. The competitor must choose a determined geographic location to present and apply the idea on. This location might be a general location, residential block, neighboring residential or any areas he/she determined and it must be in accordance with the suggested idea with consideration of other uses such as industrial, sanitation etc. and control its integration that might be in the center of the city.

Main Aspects are:

Sustainable Smart Urban Planning

The sustainable urban planning aims to achieve a urban life style that is more effective and sustainable on the different levels of planning starting from the general location, neighborhoods, residential and locations to the level of the whole city. The participant is expected to do the following:

  1. Analyze the current situation for the specific geographic location chosen and determine the goals of smart sustainable transformation and its benefits for the area.
  2. Determine the principles of sustainable smart planning (for example but not limited to the efficiency of resources management i.e. reducing the consumption of water, electricity, garbage recycling etc. and depend on the renewable energy in the general schemes and building, control the pollution rates, merge the infrastructure of communication and information network with the general sketches of different levels, determination of tasks and location of control centers, connect the different information related to the city with database to provide different applications for the citizens of the city).
  3. Displaying these concepts (or some of it) on the specific geographic location that was chosen by the participant with clearing the possibility of expansion, extension and application in reality.
  4. Providing visualization for the transformation of the chosen area into a smart one.

Smart Transportation

The smart transportation aims to reduce the pollution and energy consumption through the reduction of overcrowding, usage of public transportation, achieving accessibility, speed and efficiency of providing services to users. The participant is expected to do the following:

  1. Determination of different smart transportation elements with detailed explanation about the elements chosen by the participant.
  2. Explanation of the benefits of applying these elements for the user, operator and their economic, environmental and social impact.
  3. Displaying these elements on the specific geographic area chosen by the participant and study the method of implementation in reality through a visual presentation (sketches, video etc).

Smart Hajj and Umrah

With the expectation of increment in the number of visitors of the two holy mosques and in accordance with the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom; the transformation of Makkah and Medina into smart cities aims to achieve the efficiency of organizing Hajj and Umrah trips, and crowd management in the Holy cities of Makkah Al Mukkarramah and Medina, pilgrims tracking, increasing the efficiency of Hajj and Umrah services and facilities and ensuring safety for pilgrims. The participant is expected to determine the intelligent elements that will be added to the Holy Cities, explain its benefits and expected results of its application on the near-term level. The participant is also expected to highlight his work and its application and effects on Makkah or Medina or both together.

  Qualification to Participate in the Competition

  • The competition is for both genders (males and females) with ages not more than 35 years.
  • The competition is open for citizens and residents inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from all specialization and sectors.
  • Students of universities, colleges and institutes are encouraged to enrich the competition.
  • Participation can be made individually or as a team of five members maximum who meet the requirements of the application.
  • The genuine idea and output from the innovation of the competitor is accepted.

The Competition Criteria and Evaluation

The goal of this contest is to engage the youth and observe their expectations of what the smart cities should look like. From this concept there are several criteria that will contribute in the evaluation of the competition quality, here are some of the criteria that will be considered by the evaluation committee:

  • Creativity and uniqueness of the idea and to be genuine and not copied from other sources.
  • Selection of geographic location in one of the cities to be the center of the idea and its application with justification of the selection reasons.
  • The harmonization of the idea with smart cities components.
    The harmonization of the idea with the Vision 2030 of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Innovation in finding smart solutions.
  • Realism of the idea and the possibility of its application.
  • Economic feasibility of the idea.
  • Social feasibility of the idea and its social impact on the surrounding environment of the chosen area.
  • Economical, application, periodical and spatial analysis for the possibility and requirements to execute the idea in reality.

How to Participate

Participation and entry to the competition is done by the following order:


  • The application form must be filled and submitted on or before 04-May-2017. Click the following link to go to the registration page (www.saudismartcities.net)
  • Approval on the competition conditions.

  Nomination and Acceptance

Applicants for the competition must undergo the following:

  • Selecting one axis for participation, the applicant is not allowed to participate in more than one axis.
  • Submitting an Executive Summary, in which the idea is clearly described in not more than 5 pages and it must be submitted before 04-May-2017. A Form on the website was designed for this purpose.
  • The competition committee will check and revise the summary and notify the participant with his acceptance or not within 5 days from summary submission.
  • The participant can contact with the prizes’ coordinator via communication methods mentioned in the competition’s website.

  Final Submission

Last date to accept contestants work is 04th of May 2017, the participant must provide the following:

  • Nomination acceptance notification according to the Executive Summary.
  • Scientific material, detailed and accurate explanation about the idea in not more than 20 pages.
  • A PowerPoint presentation in not more than 10 slides in which the participant explain his/her idea.
  • A recorded video not more than 7 minutes showing the participant while describing the idea, presentation skills and persuasion of evaluation committee.
  • Attaching motion info graphics video not more than three minutes describing the idea in a creative way.
  • All the above mentioned requirements must be sent to: saudismartcities@daralriyadh.com

  Notification of the Competition’s Result

  • The result will be announced on the conference website on 14th of Sha’aban 1938 H, 10th of May 2017 and the winners will be notified.
  • All winners must attend the conference on time to present their ideas and receive their awards.

Rules and Conditions of the Competition

  General Conditions

  • Participation can be as individual or team with a maximum number of five of whom the conditions are matching.
  • Money grant will be one prize with the name of the team.
  • Participant can choose only one field to participate in.
  • Participant who is applying as individual can’t participate as a part of a team.

   Special Conditions

  • Conditions listed below are the conditions of the contest on how to make your city smart and it is an undividable part of it. Hence, participating in this competition means full commitments and agreement to the conditions, regulations and its terms.
  • By filling this application template and apply for the competition you guarantee that all the information provided are accurate and complete.
  • Participation in this competition is free and there are no charges or fees to be paid to the organizer.
  • The organizer or the ministry is not obligated to pay any financial charges for the preparation of participants’ work.
  • Successful participants are granted free access to the conference and accompanying ceremonies free of charge.
  • The organizers have the right to cancel, extend or modify the course, conditions and regulations of the competition without prior notice.
  • All applications are received via e-mail, website or any safe electronic tool, paper applications are not accepted.
  • All the applications will be checked and reviewed to assure its compatibility with conditions and regulations.
  • Time schedule for the competition is published on the event’s website, the organizer has the right to change any date at any time.
  • The participant must assure the originality of the idea and that all the information provided are complete, correct and not copied from any source, otherwise, the participant will bear any legal consequences even if after a while.
  • Any application will be canceled in case of any violation and the participant will be eliminated.
  • Winner must attend to the event’s venue with his own expenses to perform required presentations to meet the winning rules and receive the prize. In case the participant didn’t show up; his right of winning the competition will be waived.
  • The organizer has the right to keep all the files attached with the application form or sent by e-mail for all the participants and all the competition outputs.
  • The organizer has the right to use the outputs and contents of the participations provided by the competitors for marketing, publicity and advertisement purposes.
  • The organizer and the ministry have the right to benefit from the outcomes and contents of the competition and submitted works from participants after the end of the competition with retaining the intellectual property rights to the owner of the idea.
  • Participants must confirm that all the information and works provided are his own ideas and effort and it does not violate any intellectual property rights, private rights, privacy or any other rights of any third party.

  Legal Responsibility

  • The organizer doesn’t bear the responsibility of any problems, technical malfunctions and moral, sensory and financial damages that might result of executing the participant’s work to participate in the competition.
  • The organizer is not responsible of any inaccurate or incorrect information provided either by the participant, printing mistakes, instruments or programming used in the competition.
  • The consequences of the inaccurate information will be handled by the participant and he/she will bear all the responsibilities as a result.


The awards will be awarded according to the decision of the assigned evaluation and judgment committee; hence, the decision is considered valid and cannot be appealed or negotiated. The committee is not obligated to provide any adjustments, clarifications or justifications to its decision. Three prizes will be awarded for each aspect as detailed in the following table:

The prizes will be awarded during the conference events within the conference venue.

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